Netwatch have received the British Standard BS8418 certification.

What is a BS8418 Certificate

This certification gives police and clients confidence in the reliability and integrity of a security system. The BS8418 is a code of practice which covers the installation and remote visual monitoring of CCTV security systems. UK National Police Chiefs Council use this as proof of the integrity of a visual monitoring, intervention security system and to dispatch the appropriate blue light response.

Why was it introduced

It was introduced due to the increase of the availability of off the shelf CCTV camera systems. These systems were producing huge volumes of false alarms, and police had difficulty differentiating between false alarms and genuine threats coming from professional monitoring centres. The National Police Chiefs Council have put in place the BS8418 certification as a method of ensuring genuine alarms warrant an appropriate police response.

Why BS8418 matters to UK business’s  

  • The system must be designed to the BS8418 standards
  • A BS8418 system is guaranteed to be installed by a certified engineer
  • It is always monitored by a BS8418 Monitoring station, which must:
    • be capable of managing a high volume of alarms at any time
    • employ exceptionally well trained monitoring specialists
    • be housed in a structure resistant to outside interference or attack
  • The system must be maintained regularly by a certified engineer

All BS8418 systems are issued with a Police Unique Reference Number (URN). This ensures Police that you have legitimate BS8418 security system capable of threat verification and intervention. Police can then dispatch a blue light response (and upper level) to the verified threat on your site.

Netwatch are one of the few companies in the UK accredited to design, install, monitor & maintain a BS8418 compliance security system.