How much does the Netwatch security system cost?

Every site is different and Netwatch is a bespoke system. To assess the costs and price involved we offer a free site survey. This is no obligation and a free site survey will give you an idea of the costs involved and confidence in our expertise.

We operate on a managed service model with a fixed daily fee. To find out more click here


Can the Netwatch security system use the cameras I have already have?

Yes, existing hardware can be integrated into the Netwatch System if it meets our operational standards. These standards are put in place to give our customers an exceptional level of service.

If you have invested in a high end system that records crime on your site, Netwatch can integrate our Veritas and Cratos software to turn your current system into an intelligent crime prevention solution.

Will I need broadband to get a Netwatch Security System?

Our system requires a reliable broadband connection. We can provide you with a broadband solution if you do not have internet access.

Will I need power on-site for the Netwatch System?

The Netwatch systems requires power. If you do not have power for the system onsite we can provide a self-contained powered solution.

What is the difference between Netwatch and traditional CCTV providers?

The Netwatch solution is provided as a managed service. This means we supply an end to end service, and take full responsibility for it. As the complete provider we will design, install, monitor, maintain and guarantee your security.

If a camera is faulty or obsolete we will replace it as part of the agreement, there are no hidden charges or surprise bills. It also means that your system remains up to date with the latest technology and best in class hardware for your site requirements.

Fastest response times in the industry mean that Netwatch can react and intervene faster than our competitors. This is possible because our proprietary detection and transmission software allows us to streamline the monitoring process. Our Intervention Specialists have live footage of any threatening activity on your site in front of them within a few seconds, and will prevent criminals from ever reaching their intended target, by delivering effective live audio warnings.

Preventing crime rather than just recording it. The Netwatch system is delivered on a fixed daily fee, there is no capital outlay for your system. This means that security can now be part of operational costs rather than capital expenditure, which offers tax efficiency and easier budgeting.

Intelligent. Effective. Affordable.

Are you looking at my premises all of the time?

The Netwatch system is recording at our clients premises 24/7, and this is saved for 31 days. There is not an individual watching a client site 24/7. Once the site is armed our software knows to detect unusual activity at this site. If any rules are broken e.g. someone attempts to break the perimeter or open a restricted door, the detection software sends an alert to our Intervention Specialists within seconds. At this time someone will move to a live view of the site and assess the situation. The highly trained team will determine if there is a problem and deal with it in an appropriate manner.


What if my site loses power?

Our software sends an alert if we are not receiving images from your cameras so Netwatch will know immediately if we lose connection to your site. The Netwatch system comes with a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) which can power your site for up to 30 minutes in the in the event of a power cut or system sabotage. To cover every eventuality, every camera is polled every 30 seconds to check transmission of images which means that we know straight away if any of your cameras are down.