Use of live CCTV technology can help tackle the problem of cargo thefts from lorries in the European Union (EU) region, which according to a recent European Commission report costs the road transport industry around €8 billion (£6.7 billion) every year.

The EC’s recent transport security report focused on the need for better levels of security on vehicles with high value and hazardous goods when crossing over borders.

Live CCTV technology can help tackle the problem of cargo thefts

Another major consideration is cutting the cost of accidents and providing admissible video evidence to combat the growing issue of staged incidents leading to fraudulent insurance claims.

Here are some tips from Netwatch with regards to ensuring your cargo and employees are safe and protected:

  • Audit the Distribution Centre
    In the effort to tackle loss prevention, continually assessing your distribution centre is vital to ensure that no cargo has gone missing. Internal theft has become a problem in many companies that have a lot of cargo. By becoming aware of what takes place at the distribution centre, it will be easier to avoid overloading.
  • Input External surveillances
    External surveillance should be used in the warehouse distribution centre and on company vehicles. These methods help to prevent and spot theft. The Netwatch System is live monitoring and when an intruder is detected an audio warning is given which causes the intruder to flee 98% of the time.
  • Implement Safe Parking Measures
    Parking, no matter where you are, puts your cargo at risk. Companies should limit where drivers are permitted to stop for breaks, since there are some locations with a higher risk of cargo theft than others. Ideal places for parking have good lighting and parking in close proximity. By parking close a driver is able to spot any suspicious activity that may occur and report what he sees in a timely manner.
  • Use the Right Equipment
    There are now many electronic technologies which can be attached to vehicles. These include vehicle-based GPS systems which allow companies to track vehicles and keep an eye on shipments. Recently, a cargo GPS has been developed which is small device that can be placed inside the cargo.

One transport and logistics company that Netwatch monitor for is Kingsley Transport. They approached Netwatch in 2004 following a series of break-ins and attempted break-ins over the previous two year period.

They had a monitored burglar alarm system already installed but as Eugene Windrim, General Manager, explains “Thieves knew that once they were in the building, when the alarm sounded, they had a window of opportunity before the response arrived”.

“After taking advice from Netwatch an early warning visual detection system was installed, this system allows the Netwatch Intervention Specialists in the Communications Hub to detect and deter criminals in the open spaces before they reach the buildings. An additional benefit of the System is that Netwatch monitor all transport comings and goings making sure that all external areas are clear before opening storage areas”, explains Eugene.
“All in all, the Netwatch System is reliable, cost-effective and accountable”, explains Eugene, “It is the missing link that we were looking for”.