For the distillery industry security and Distillery Securitybusiness continuity is essential. Disruption to production or supply can have a detrimental effect on on profitability and brand reputation. The product needs to be protected throughout the supply chain.

With no upfront capital cost while your product is maturing, Netwatch Managed Service makes perfect sense.

Teeling Whiskey contacted Netwatch during the construction phase of their state-of-the-art distillery, based on the good reputation of our service. Teelings wanted a security system to give robust defence against intruders, and for communications management in the event of a fire alarm. Following construction, our team conducted a full site risk survey and highlighted the vulnerabilities in their security.

Challenges to overcome:

  • No detection on current system
  • Potential of Fire is a huge threat
  • Connectivity causing issues
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Perimeter of premises not protected
  • Multiple sites in need of security

Teelings had highlighted certain requirements that were essential to them. A robust security system, with prompt reaction times, and one that will allow their team peace of mind to get on with other aspects of the business. Security should no longer be a concern of daily operations. A Netwatch System was designed and installed in response to the challenges the sites posed.

“In the case of intrusion or fire, we have a very short window to escape detrimental damage. Netwatch response time is key to the success of our security.” Iain Wood, Operations Manager, Teeling Whiskey


Protecting the product from theft, damage and contamination is essential to the success of the brand, and maintaining their reputation. Under the Netwatch Managed Service offering we take complete control from site design, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Netwatch now provides total perimeter protection for all sites. Using our own broadband solution, connectivity is no longer an issue. Live viewing of cameras is available at all times, visibility in case of fire alarms, motion detection in unauthorised areas and personalised audio warnings to intruders.

To ensure antisocial behaviour does not impact on the business, Netwatch Loiter Detection was installed in necessary zones. Anyone hanging around too long will cause an alert, with an audio warning issued to deter potential damage.

Netwatch Communication Hubs are alerted within seconds to any security breaches. Teeling’s specific protocol is then followed to ensure highest level of response and security at all times.

“Having Netwatch allows us the peace of mind to know our site and maturing whiskey are fully secure out of working hours.” Iain Wood, Operations Manager, Teeling Whiskey