The Netwatch System in an Independent and Portable Format

Quickly and easily deployed, the Commander unit is ideal for temporary sites

Our Commander unit is the perfect CCTV solution for sites with no internet connectivity or on-site electrical infrastructure. Available as a temporary or permanent security solution for the secluded location, it is fully independent, portable and easily deployed. With the Commander unit, we can have your site secured and monitored within a very short time frame. If any incidence of trespass occur we issue a live audio warning until the trespassers leave the area. All incidents are recorded for your records for an agreed amount of time.

There are two options to power the unit:
1. Standard Commander unit (Connected by electrical cable to mains or generator)
2. Self-powered Commander unit (Hybrid gas fusion – no electricity required)

Key Features

  • No need for construction, cabling or communication works for installation
  • Can detect unauthorised activity from up to 100 metres away, using our own unique detection system
  • Our Intervention Specialists will then issue a verbal warning to prevent further criminal activity
  • The Commander unit can hold all camera types – IP, IR and PTZ
  • Stainless steel modular control tower with winch for fast and safe installation
  • Rugged stainless steel housing
  • Cellular communication system with multi-carrier capabilities. This provides a reliable path for video transmission to the Netwatch Communications Hub. 
  • Can be powered by electricity or self-powered

Self-Powered Option

The power supply unit for the Self-Powered Commander

The cameras and communication equipment on the self-powered unit are all run on a continuous self sufficient operation (power source shown). This Netwatch system can perform the same remote monitoring, analytic functions and audio warnings as the standard Commander unit.

It is run on a 12 volt system (a battery is recharged by a HYMERA fuel cell, supplied with hydrogen Genie® fuel). Netwatch provides the hydrogen fuel in a robust tamper proof cage. When the fuel level drops, the system sends an alert to Netwatch, who will re-stock the unit for you.

The self powered system is quiet (except when our Intervention Specialists are issuing a verbal warning), emission free, robust and safe to use in any environment. You may wish to trial a self-powered unit on your site for a period of six months before moving on to a direct powered unit.