Construction Sector

Construction sites, plant hire or Builders Merchants pose a number of significant security challenges. Many hold high value items on large sites, making them prime targets for criminals. Netwatch has unique business security systems designed for the specific security needs of the construction sector.

Corporate Sector

Commercial office space often contains valuable assets and can be targets for vandals and thieves alike. The Netwatch system offers full protection for your business and can detect any unauthorised activity at the premises, outside of and during business hours.

Data Centers

When it comes to security for data centres there is often a focus on the software inside, thwarting hackers and other virtual threats such as viruses. However, theft of hardware and servers has become quite prevalent in recent years, so on-site security is becoming a prerequisite.

Manufacturing Sector

Safeguarding manufacturing facilities poses various challenges; needing to safeguard deliveries processes, ensuring that staff are secure, protecting production and observing public safety observed. Netwatch offers the most comprehensive perimeter protection for your manufacturing facility eliminating the need for costly manned guarding.

Utilities Sector

The Utilities sector understands the importance of protecting facilities from physical threats, facing multiple problems such as vandalism, copper theft, public safety or terrorist attacks. The Netwatch solution covers all of these aspects whilst filtering out false alarms set off by animal or environmental movement.


Warehousing and Logistics crime causes large-scale loss and disruption to the respective industries every year. Valuable assets such as fuel and cargo on the move poses the perfect opportunity for thieves. Assets can be stolen at multiple points along the supply chain, but the Netwatch system is designed to prevent crime, not just record it.


The Quarry industry is facing increasing safety and security threats. There are threats of vandalism and theft, with Quarries also having to contend with a heightened duty of care for public and employee liability.

Our Sectors

We protect commercial buildings and residential estates for businesses across multiple industries