Crime affecting car dealerships in the UK

Crime is a growing threat to car dealerships across the UK with thieves targeting car parts, tyres and even complete cars. Car Dealership security is a top priority to ensure business continuity. High value car components are being stolen from vehicles in dealerships and sold on internet auction sites at a fraction of their true worth. With many car dealerships containing high value stock the theft and vandalism of such items can have massive financial implications.

About the Netwatch System

A Netwatch System provides a World leading security service that detects unauthorised activity at the business premises, outside of and during business hours. Persons trying to break into a business  are remotely detected, warned off by our Intervention Specialists and the Police are notified.

More than just a CCTV system, a bespoke Netwatch security system is specifically designed for your premises and gives complete peace of mind as:

  • All intruders are detected before they reach your property to avoid damage
  • Live personalised audio warnings are issued to deter any criminal activity at your premises
  • All site intrusions are visually verified to avoid false alarms
  • Regular equipment checks are conducted and clients are issued with free system upgrades
  • Detailed incident reports are issued the following day