Netwatch Construction Site Security prevents Contract Delays, Theft and Damage

The Construction Industry faces significant security threats ranging from vandalism to theft of valuable machinery, tools and materials. Construction sites, plant hire companies or builders merchants are targeted because of the valuable assets where the premises can often be left unattended for long periods during night time and weekends making them an easy target. UK statistics report 1 in 5 sites now affected by materials, plant theft or vandalism.

Downtime is often the result of crime, causing delays to contracts and schedules, sourcing of replacement plant or materials, increased insurance costs and reputation damage

The Netwatch Managed security monitoring Service, is designed to intelligently monitor your premises constantly using remote CCTV detection systems, suspicious behaviour is detected and averted before any damage can be done by our crime prevention experts. Real-time audio warnings are given to disturb the criminals and police are alerted.

The Netwatch system prevents the crime before it happens, over a 15 year period Netwatch has actively prevented more than 40,000 crimes.