Warehouse Security – Protecting what’s important to you

Warehousing and Logistics crime causes large-scale loss and disruption to the respective industries every year. With valuable assets such as fuel and cargo on the move, it poses the perfect opportunity for thieves. Assets can be stolen at multiple points along the supply chain, so significant investment is made in security systems that record crime rather than preventing it.

However, the Netwatch warehouse/logistics security system is proven to prevent crime rather than just recording it, therefore investment is more worthwhile and puts the cost into operational budget rather than significant capital expenditure.

Preventing criminal activity is critical for any warehousing and logistics business. If preventative measures are not in place the consequences can result in monetary loss, downtime in business operations, along with reputation damage. Our advanced remote visual logistics monitoring allows you to save on expensive manned guarding whilst protecting your operations. Whether you need to allow or restrict access, Netwatch can protect what is most important to your business.