Client Testimonials

London Data Exchange

London Data Exchange

“Netwatch was the outstanding choice for this project. Months of planning and design went into LDex1 and it was important to us to find the very best security solutions specialist possible. I believe we have found that with Netwatch.”

Matthew Edgley, Commercial Director - London Data Exchange

Gwynedd Shipping

Gwynedd Shipping

“We needed a system that would match the specific needs at our depot.Traditional security measures act as a deterrent because intruders can analyse the patterns of the security operation, it would have been all too easy for someone determined to gain access to the depot to do so.”

Austin Gilligan, Director - Gwynedd Shipping

Bennett Construction Ltd

Bennett Construction Ltd

"Netwatch offers us the peace of mind that our sites are being monitored in a professional, secure and cost effective manner. When comparing to manned guards, who quite simply can’t be everywhere at the one time, Netwatch cameras are monitoring and recording entire sites 24/7.”

Michael Lynch, Purchasing Officer - Bennett Construction Ltd

Windsor Motor Group

Windsor Motor Group

“Netwatch has been working with Windsor for years, protecting many of our sites across the country. When we opened Windsor Opel and Windsor Nissan in the Liffey Valley Motor Mall, there was an existing security provider on-site. However, we needed a security solution that provided full site protection, so we replaced them with Netwatch, who we knew we could rely on.”

Paul Tier, Dealer Principal - Windsor Motors.

Quinn Industrial Holdings

Quinn Industrial Holdings

"We weren't convinced that the Netwatch System would work for us, but it has reached and exceeded our expectations. Netwatch are now helping management and staff improve operations and productivity. As a company we always look to improve professionalism and the way we use technology, Netwatch has embraced this for us and made a difference to the staff and management of the Quinn Group."

Kevin Lunney, Chief Operations Officer - Quinn Industrial Holdings

Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre

Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre

"Netwatch have picked up Intruders on several occasions and having a live update when there is an issue is invaluable. If the Communications Hub rings me with an issue, i know what to expect if myself and keyholders are responding to the call."

Fergal Doyle, Owner - Arboretum Lifestyle and Garden Centre

Why Businesses are choosing Netwatch

Fastest Response Times

Our trained Intervention Specialists will intervene within seconds of threatening activity being detected on your site.

98% Customer Retention

The proof of the effectiveness of Netwatch is reflected in our 98% client retention rate. This is proven across thousands of Netwatch sites worldwide.

No Upfront Capital Expense

A fixed daily fee means complete tax efficiency and security costs can be brought into operational spend.

End-to-End Managed Service

We take full responsibility; from system design right through to daily maintenance, ensuring a fully operational security system at all times.

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